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"increase the efficiency of NRT products and ensure your quit smoking success by combining the 'xsmoker program' RoadMap with your Patches and Gum." 100% guaranteed!

  1. Increasing the efficiency of NRT products by giving the Client their individual RoadMap "how to quit".
  2. 100% Guaranteed success with encouragement and motivation from the 'xsmoker program'.
  3. All you need is your decision, NRT Products with 12 months support from us plus your Roadmap 'how to quit'.
  4. Start right now, download the program. Use NRT products and boost your success with this guided program.



A pack a day costs you $5,000+ per year.
The xsmoker program is $nz149.00.         
That is less than 3 weeks smoking cost.

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As easy as following a roadmap! From decision to result
100% guaranteed way to quit smoking.
Make that Decision and choose the xsmoker program and start “right now”

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The 'xsmoker program is best used in combination with NRT products with 12 months of support for your journey. As Qualified Heart Foundation Cessation Practitioners we support correct use of NRT. 

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How can I give you the 100% guarantee?  The NRT products are the 'car' and the 'xsmoker program' is your 'RoadMap' and your decision is your fuel.  Use the xsmoker RoadMap to ensure that you reach your desired result. To become smoke-free.  You bring your decision to quit, your choice of Patches and/or Gum with the xsmoker program. Then you have a recipe that cannot fail.

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Promotional VacanciesPromotional Vacancies

We promote the 'xsmoker' program in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada and the USA. It’s a job that requires an interest in travel and people.
Look at our World Tour page and see how we get to travel around.
If you would like to apply for a Promotional Position email us for more information . . info@xsmoker.net

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Promotional VacanciesOur Charities

We support the Charities listed as part of our Family Commitment. Buy the xsmoker program you will  help us support these very worthy organisations.

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